• Home of the best Mediterranean food

    Immerse yourself in culinary glamour with a modern Australian and Mediterranean twist at one of Townsville’s newest venues, Paradise bar.

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  • Paradise Bar and Cafe

    Establishing a striking presence in Palmer Street, Paradise Bar welcomes you to a Modern Australian Restaurant with a Mediterranean twist. Entrench yourself in the heart of culinary glamour adorned with locally grown, fresh, native ingredients. Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, we also serve creatively designed, gourmet wood-fired pizzas, which are creatively designed. Unwind with a drink from the bar or enjoy tap beer from the amazing bar drinks menu.

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  • Eat With Us

    “The pillar of focus for our menu was to serve healthy, clean, portion-controlled meals made from locally sourced meat and seafood, natural ingredients made with nutrient-preserving cooking techniques.”

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  • A Sprinkle Of Experience From Every Corner Of The Globe

    Paradise Bar head chef Pradeep Manupriya learned his trade from the very best in Ramsay. This includes a working stint in Ramsay’s 5-Star, Ritz-Carlton hotel restaurant in Ireland. Pradeep has also been chef at the Royal Mirage Hotel in Dubai as well as at the American Embassy in Dublin.

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Welcome to Paradise Bar

Immerse yourself in culinary glamour with a modern Australian and Mediterranean twist at one of Townsville’s newest venues, Paradise Bar

It is possible to take a little trip around the world without the expense of leaving Townsville, thanks to the latest gourmet offering on Palmer Street - Paradise Bar. The latest offering on the popular dining strip has opened in the old Bistro One premises, promising modern Australian fare with a Mediterranean twist.

But in truth, inspiration has been drawn from across the globe with a head chef who has sweated in Dubai, shivered through Dublin winters and weathered the incredible fury of celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay.

Our Specials

Home of the best Mediterranean food



Italian Meatballs

Spicy meatballs, tomato & jalapeno sauce, fresh coriander, Grilled sourdough bread.


Garlic Prawn

Pan tossed prawns in creamy garlic white wine sauce, chopped parsley, Olive oil, grilled sourdough bread.


Slow Cooked Octopus With Tomato Ragu

Rich tomato sauce with Italian herbs, Octopus, Olive oil, Grilled Sourdough Bread.


Asparagus And Pea Arranccini

Golden fried asparagus and pea risotto balls paired with spicy tomato sauce


Water cress Soup

with Parmesan crisp and drizzled black salt


Crostini Trio

Mushroom, Tomato, Green Olive and Anchovies

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Prawn Linguine

Linguine pasta, prawns tossed with creamy chilli, basil & garlic butter.


Pumpkin & Mushroom Risotto

Roasted pumpkin & mushroom, rocket, olive oil, parmesan cheese Add Grilled Chicken $6.00


Panfried Spanish Mackrael

withParsely and Lemon risotto


Panfried Eye Fillet

Olive oil Crushed potato with sundried tomato spinach and basil with red wine juz Served with the side Vege


Grilled Garlic Marinated Bug Tail

grilled garlic marinated bug served with tarragon dressed winter salad and seaweed butter with side vege


Grilled Pork Chops

Cannellini beans, mustard, bush tomato drizzled with tarragon oil accompanied with side Vege


Pork Belly pizza with Bacon Jam

Onion, bush tomato, garlic, green olives, cheese and paradise pizza base.


Bacon Blue Cheese Gnocchi

creamy gnocchi with bacon and blue cheese moistened with parmesan cheese and truffle oil Sides - boiled vegetable, sweet potato chip sprinkled with rosemary and Black salt, Mayonnaise Mustard

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You can make a reservations by calling (+61) 744 202 290 between 10am and 10pm or select the option below to make online reservations


30-34 Palmer St, South Townsville QLD 4810